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“Your special day, Our special gift”

Wedding Planning:   Let the team from Ladies First, Yarra Valley help make your dream wedding a reality.

Your wedding day is such a special moment in life.  A day that you will look back on and remember fondly and with love.  It’s the day you decide to celebrate your love for your partner, sharing that message with your friends and family.  Most brides have some idea of how they want their day to look.  Many brides know whether they want a big or small wedding.  A white wedding or something more colourful.

But where to start, and how to make it all happen, is often a real sticking point.   And then there’s that question that often follows “Will you marry me?” … and that’s “How will I find the time to organise all of this?”

At Ladies First, Yarra Valley we want you to look back and remember the journey that leads to your big day as fondly as the day itself.

Whether it’s support to just  ‘get you started’ or you want to engage us to plan your entire wedding, Ladies First, Yarra Valley’s wedding planning team can tailor a package to suit your needs.
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