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I just wanted to let you know that I am getting a great response from your
website!!  Thank you!

I am with a couple of others, and just find I get lost amongst the hundreds
of businesses.  I ask every couple I meet about how they found me, and 8
times out of 10, they say “the yarra valley wedding website”.


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Re: Winery weddings?

“We were married in the Yarra Valley and it was perfect for us and which is gorgeous for Winery Weddings.

Maybe check out the Yarra Valley threads … This helped me when planning my own wedding:” yardie

“Also, there is a Yarra Valley thread on here too if you want to have a look and check out the Yarra Valley Wedding website its a well of information”

“Last September and also looking at the Yarra Valley area, there are some beautiful places… I have found this website immensely helpful” – B

“The only other venues we looked at apart from Elmswood, were Inglewood & The Vines This site might give you some more ideas” – “Oh I love that site!!”: bdance

“Hi Girls, I have recently noticed quite a few more Yarra Valley Brides coming up so just wanted to share this great website with you: –  It has loads of info about local business, venues, flowers etc and it has been an absolute saint for me!”

“Oh and also, not sure if you saw it in another thread but this website is awesome and has helped heaps” – 😀 “thanks for the link, will check it out.”